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We’ve work with some great organizations already. If your open positions fit the category of work we like to offer, then you can join the crowd.

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Send us your job postings that you need help with. We prefer to offer jobs in the categories of forensics, investigations, and social work, but are open to other fields. Let us help you find the right talent for the job.


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Send us all the details, including salary range, description, requirements, and your perks.



We gather interested candidates, filter them based on your needs, and set up interviews.


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Consult with us on your best choice based on both objective and relational factors.


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Fast Hiring Process

It’s better for all of us to move quickly. Because if you have a position, you probably have work to get done.

Negotiable Fees

We price based on your budget and the results we get. Sometimes the cost is rolled up in training we provide to your selected candidate, or sometimes we just charge for connections.

Growing Talent Pool

We are continuously looking for new talent coming out of universities, old jobs, or related fields.

Local & Remote

We like to offer a mix of local and remote positions, but currently most of our roles are geographically attached.

20+ Years of Experience

Our team is comprised of forensic investigation professionals as well as leaders in the world of Child Welfare.

Custom Consulting

We try to mold our recruiting strategy to your needs, timeframe, and budget.


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